Euroweek 1953 and 1954

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Today our time travel through the history of the European Youthweek begins!
We searched for beautiful pictures from 1953 to 2019. In the next few weeks we will present them to you. So stay tuned.
The European Youth Week was founded in 1953 by Hella Heynmöller under the impact of the terrible, inhumane World War II.
To ensure that this never happens again, the youth of Europe should know each other, respect and understand each other. As a place of European encounter, the founder has chosen the symbolic castle Ludwigstein. It is located directly on the former inner German border and was and is a center of the German youth movement. Here, young people from all over Europe should communicate with each other by singing, playing music and dancing and talking to each other.
These pictures are from 1953 and 1954.