Benjamin in Nice

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Benjamin visits Emma in Nice for the last Sunday of Advent. Emma’s family is German-French, so they like to mix traditions from both countries.
Benjamin thinks that is particularly cool because it enables him to get to know other traditions and customs from Germany as well.
After Benjamin and Emma talked for a while, Benjamin realizes that he still has no Christmas presents for his friends back home. Emma has a great idea!
She gets a lot of different ingredients from the kitchen and explains to Benjamin that they are now making chocolates. In France, it is traditional to make these with candied oranges or chocolate ganache in the run-up to Christmas. After they have been lovingly wrapped, they are given to friends and relatives to get in the mood for the Christmas season.
So the two of them start preparing the chocolates. Here and there, of course, you can also enjoy the delicious pralines. When the chocolates are ready, they give them away to Emma’s family. Benjamin not only takes chocolates with him for his friends, he also packs a bag to eat on the way home.