Press Release

Press release for the 62nd European Youth Week 2023
62nd European Youth Week at Ludwigstein Castle 22.07.-30.07.2023

After the forced break of the last years due to the corona, dance, music and colorful
costumes finally return to Ludwigstein Castle. With groups from France, North Macedonia,
Poland and Finland, the Arbeitskreis Europäische Jugendwochen e.V. again provides an
exciting mix for those interested in international folklore.
The 200, mostly young people from Northern Macedonia, Poland, Finland, Germany and
France, meet to exchange ideas in numerous workshops and present lived folklore of their
home countries. The groups invite you to do so during the public performances at the castle
and in the region.
With the in-house group “Die Ludwigsteiner” the new generation of the working group
presents a new arrangement of dances from different regions of Hesse.
They will work together with their friends from “Le Quadrille Occitan” from Toulouse and
celebrate the Franco-German friendship and the 60th anniversary of the Elysee treaties in a
joint evening program.
The group “Slowianki” was founded in 1974 by students of the Jagellonien University in
Krakow. Their repertoire includes dances and songs from different regions of Poland.
Christmas carols and pastorals are also in their program. In their extensive collection, besides
Polish traditional costumes, there are also traditional costumes from Bulgaria, Slovenia and
The group “KUD Oteks” from Ohrid in northern Macedonia are also no strangers to
Ludwigstein Castle. Since their foundation in 1983 by employees of a textile factory they
have already been five times at the Euroweek. They present typical North Macedonian
dances and music, especially from Lake Ohrid in the southwest of the country.
The group “Motora” comes from Joensuu in the east of Finland. They have already won
several national awards for their energetic choreographies with traditional and modern
elements. Due to the geographical location, Eastern European influences also show in their
The 62nd European Youth Week will take place this year from 22.07. to 30.07. at Ludwigstein
Castle. The European Youth Week is a unique youth meeting and folklore festival. From the
beginning, the aim of the Euroweek was to bring young people from Europe and the world
together to get to know each other and their culture. Today, exactly 70 years later, the
festival still wants to contribute to understanding between peoples and cultures and
ultimately to peace in the world.
The youth meeting is organized by the non-profit association “Arbeitskreis Europäische
Jugendwochen auf Burg Ludwigstein e.V.”. The European Youth Week is a recognized CIOFF
Preliminary Program Schedule:
Saturday 22.7. arrival of the groups, from 8 p.m. official opening with all groups on the
church square Witzenhausen, free entrance
Monday 24.07. German-French Day with the “Ludwigsteiners” and “Le Quadrille Occitan
Tuesday 25.07. Polish Day with “SŁOWIANKI” Wednesday
26.07. No events
Thursday 27.07. North Macedonian day with KUD “Oteks” Friday
28.07. Finnish day with “Motora”.
In each case from 20 o’clock on Ludwigstein Castle, free admission
Saturday 29.07. from approx. 15 o’clock Eurokirmes, conclusion with all groups on castle
Ludwigstein, entrance Erw. 8€, young people and handicapped persons 4€, children up to 13
years freely
Subject to change without notice. For more information on the program and this year’s
events, click here: eurowoche.

Image materials “European Youth Week at Burg Ludwigstein” for download