Press Release

61st European Youth Week at Ludwigstein Castle 27.07.-03.08.2019
The European Youth Week becomes transatlantic

For the first time, the organizers reach their hands over the large pond and bring an American folklore group to the Ludwigstein. As a result, the number of participants is growing beyond the European borders. The 200, mostly young people from Belgium, Croatia, Germany and France, meet to exchange ideas and present lived folklore of their home countries in numerous workshops. The groups invite you to do so during public performances at the castle and in the region.
The 61st European Youth Week will take place this year from 27.07.-03.08.2019 at Ludwigstein Castle. The European Youth Week is a unique youth gathering and folklore festival. From the very beginning, the aim of Euroweek has been to bring together young people from Europe and the world to get to know each other and their culture. Even today, more than 60 years later, the festival wants to contribute to understanding between peoples and cultures and ultimately to peace in the world.
This summer, young people from the folklore ensemble “Gelmel” from Schoten (Belgium), the folklore ensemble KUD “Salona” from Solin (Croatia), the Irish folk ensemble “Trinity” from Elmhurst (USA), the in-house group “Die Ludwigsteiner” together with the “Hessische folk dance lovers” and a delegation of the folklore ensemble “Le Quadrille Occitan” from Toulouse (France).
At Ludwigstein Castle, many lasting friendships have already been made across borders. Here the young people experience mutual tolerance and understanding, but also a lot of fun. Social and cultural themes, dance and music are the starting points for an intensive encounter with young people from other countries. Since the first Euro Week in 1953, almost 10,000 young people from almost all European countries and also some countries outside Europe have taken part in a European Youth Week at Ludwigstein Castle.
Each group organizes a large evening program with music and dance from their homeland on “their” day. The fact that the folklore dancers are ordinary young people with modern interests is shown in the workshops such as Creative-AG, Choir or Orchestra and at the funny “Burgolympiade”. In music and games, the young people of all countries mix, so that after only a few days one feels more commonalities than differences. This is an active contribution to international understanding and the reduction of prejudices in Europe. The youth meeting is organized by the non-profit association “Working Group European Youth Weeks at Ludwigstein Castle”. European Youth Week is a recognised CIOFF festival.

Preliminary program schedule:
Saturday 27.7.: Arrival of the groups, from 8 pm official opening with all groups on the market square Witzenhausen, admission free
Sunday: from 2 p.m. Performance of all groups in Fürstenhagen, admission free
Monday: Croatian Day with KUD “Salona”
Tuesday: Irish-American Day with the group “Trinity”
Wednesday: No events
Thursday: French-German Day with the groups “Le Quadrille Occitan”, “Hessische Volkstanzfreunde” and “Die Ludwigsteiner”
Friday: Belgian Day with the group “Gelmel”
From 8 p.m. at Ludwigstein Castle, admission free
Saturday: from approx. 2 p.m. Eurokirmes, closing with all groups at Ludwigstein Castle, admission to adults 6€, young people and disabled 3€, children up to 13 years free

Subject to change. For more information about the programme and this year’s events, please visit: