Help! Ludwigstein Castle in danger!

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Friday, May 15, 2020, Witzenhäuser Allgemeine / Lokalales
Ludwigstein Castle is in a deep sleep
High maintenance costs threaten the existence of the youth center

Burg Ludwigstein – Honorary representatives of the foundation and the supervisory board are currently trying with the castle management to save the youth castle Ludwigstein after the end of their working day – just in the 100th year of its existence.

30 employees are on short-time work, says board member Holger Pflüger-Grone. The building services have shut down the castle, only the archive of the youth movement and the youth education center in the Enno-Narten building are working. Training and investments would be canceled, liabilities deferred, a trust fund of EUR 70,000 to pay wages would be dissolved.

Nevertheless, there are costs of 30,000 euros per month: According to Pflüger-Grone, hot water must also be available for the emergency crew from volunteers, as well as cooling for the food supplies. Two biological sewage treatment plants have to be rinsed with 3000 liters of water every day. The indoor pool must be filled as a fire water reserve and lightly chlorinated. There are also insurance, gable repairs and fire protection requirements.

Nevertheless, the crisis team decided to initially keep the castle closed. The hygiene plan cannot be implemented economically, says Pflüger-Grone. The castle may be used to a maximum of ten percent. It is difficult to keep a distance in the narrow facility, only families are allowed to stay in shared rooms – but not groups in which the children do not come from the same household. “It would take us ten days to restart operations,” said Pflüger-Grone. The cost, including basic cleaning, would be 4000 euros. It is not worth it for a few guests.

According to Pflüger-Grone, there are no financial reserves after a winter with little visitors. “We were dependent on the Easter business. Our fortune is the castle building. ”But it can hardly serve as security for loans because it is not for sale. In a predominantly non-profit organization that makes hardly any surpluses, it is difficult to mortgage a loan over years. It is open whether the federal states pay cancellation costs for canceled school trips. Insolvency would not be an option: Then one would have to sell parts of the facility in order to service liabilities. “We have survived 100 years and a world war. But then our foundation would be gone, ”says Pflüger-Grone. fst

Friday, May 15, 2020, Witzenhäuser Allgemeine / Lokalales
District Administrator Reuss and MP Müller ask ministries for help

District Administrator Stefan Reuß and Member of the State Parliament Hans-Jürgen Müller (Greens) also campaign for the Hessian ministries for Ludwigstein Castle. As a youth education institution, it has historical, social and economic significance beyond the district, both find But there are still no concrete offers of help from the ministries. Reuss also brokered contacts with banks, foundations and business development agencies: “The location of our Wappenburg is critical. This also applies to our youth facilities in Reichenbach and Meißner, because we cannot generate any income. ”It would be detrimental for the region if the castle did not come through the crisis, said Müller. But you need patience: “The whole country is in a state of no fault of its own.” Many have to be helped, the ministries are working hard on it. fst

Fundraiser is running

The Vereinigung Jugendburg Ludwigstein (VJL), the sponsoring association of the castle, has called for a fundraising event. By Thursday evening, more than 210 donations of more than 55,000 euros had been raised.

Contact: VJL e.V. donation account: DE74 5225 0030 0050 0329 78, Purpose: Donation to preserve the youth castle.

Donation receipts for the tax office can be issued. VJL will answer any questions by email to