Benjamin in England

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Benjamin travels to his friends Daniel and Christian for the next Sunday in Advent. The two actually live together in Munich, but flew to Daniel’s family in Burton-upon-Trent for the Christmas season.
Christian, Daniel and the family are still decorating the house when Benjamin arrives. Of course he is happy to help. But when he sees that a mistletoe is being hung up too, he quickly goes into the kitchen so as not to land under it.
In the kitchen, Daniel and Christian are just preparing the Yule Log. Yule Log is a cake that looks like a tree trunk. This is baked in England in the run-up to Christmas and is very delicious. Of course, Benjamin would like to try it too. While they are baking, they listen to different Christmas carols together. Benjamin even knows some of them, as the living nativity scene at the Advent market has sung them several times. While the family sings them in English, he and Christian sing the lyrics in German.
When the cake is ready, Daniel gets a so-called Christmas cracker. This is a cracker that is traditionally used on Christmas Day (here December 25th). However, because they know that the donkey is no longer visiting that day, they want to show it to him beforehand. Two people always get together and pull on one end of the cracker. The cracker will tear in half and the person with the longer half will get the gifts that are inside the cracker. Benjamin is lucky and is allowed to keep the little crown in the cracker for himself.
In order to remember this great experience forever, Benjamin shoots a lot of great photos. He would now like to share this with you so that you can also get some Christmas spirit with you.