During the 54th European Week in 2010, Kasimir Zierl made a video that tries to explain without words what is special about the European Week:



“Viva Europa, viva Burg Ludwigstein e viva musica, es soll gesungen sein!” It sounds from the corners of the romantic castle Ludwigstein every summer in the summer for a wonderful week.
About 150 young people from several European countries come as folklore groups, choir or music ensembles. For the opening on the marketplace in Witzenhausen and in the evenings and at the end at the castle, they present their magnificent dances and songs in front of a large audience.
During the day there is an intensive exchange program for the participants. Every day begins with a singing together. Subsequently, the young people work together in different working groups, such as Improvisation dance, European for beginners, juggling, creative group, choir and orchestra.

During the week, each group designs a country day according to their ideas. This already begins with the awakening – calmly, musically or with much Radau. The castle was decorated on the eve in the national colors. While singing together in the morning and dancing together in the afternoon, the group teaches the other participants some songs and dances from their country. In the evening, the group presents itself with a full-length performance on the stage in front of the castle.

A highlight of the week is the “Castle Olympics”, where mixed teams compete in unusual sports such as sack threshing, stilt walking, water catching, cherry-core wide-spitting and similar competitions and vie for victory.

At the end of the week, on Saturday afternoon, the big Eurokirmes takes place. All groups show once again the highlights of their program on the castle stage. The interesting results of the working groups dance, choir and orchestra will be presented. With the collection of the flags accompanied by the Euro week anthem “Viva Europa” ends an intense week in which – hopefully – Europe has grown together a little bit closer.