The working group “European Youth Weeks Burg Ludwigstein” organizes not only the folklore festival, he also has his own dance and music group: The Ludwigsteiner.
The members of The Ludwigssteiner come from all regions of Germany and another from Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Poland. Inevitably, only one to four to five weeks a year – but then also intense and effective. Their program show the Ludwigsteiner at the Eurowoche and on their trips abroad. The dancers and musicians have already performed in Australia, Brazil, Scotland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Netherlands.
The repertoire consists of old and new folk dances, which are joined together to create suits to tell little stories. The “carpenter’s suite” is an experience for the whole family. The “Till Eulenspiegel-Suite” is suitable for the whole family.

The Ludwigsteiner were founded in 1990 by Fritz Lenz. He motivated many young and young members of the working group to organize, organized trips and recruited new dancers. Since 1991 The Ludwigsteiner work as a German representative during the European Youth Week, without interruption until the year 2003. After many first-generation dancers retired, Bernd Klauer revived the dance group again in autumn 2007. Arwed Bettner currently leads the group.