Donkey Benni in Denmark

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Christmas time is the highlight of the year for the donkey called Benjamin. Every year he and his friend visit the Ludwigstein castle to see the Christmas market. Because the market has to be cancelled this year, Benjamin has come up with something great. He would like to visit the people he has met over the years at the castle, because he really misses the christmas-feeling. So Benjamin made the decision to visit one of his friends every sunday in Advent. Since Benjamin only knows the Christmas traditions at the castle, he would now like to get to know many different traditions that can be found in Europe. If you want you can join him on his journey in Advent. ✨
Benjamin’s journey begins with Karin in Hadersleben, a small town in Denmark. He chose Denmark for the first Advent for a very special reason. Karin told him that Santa Claus will be woken up here today. According to tradition, he sleeps in the water tower in Hadersleben.
After Benjamin arrives at Karin’s, the two have to hurry up. They quickly run to the water tower and watch the festivity. Together with other onlookers, you can see how the children of the city wake him up by shouting in Danish “Santa Claus, Santa Claus come out, otherwise we will never go home”. He wakes up and waves to the crowd from the top of the water tower, being still a little sleepy. Benjamin is amazed when the Nissa, the Danish Christmas elves, walk through the crowd and distribute small packages of sweets to the children. While the gifts are still being distributed, Santa Claus lights the many candles on the Christmas tree. Benjamin is very happy that the Christmas season can now start.
Together with Karin he stands in front of the water tower for a long time, talks to the many people there and tries many different Danish delicacies.
However, out of sheer excitement, Benjamin forgot to take photos of this event. Because oft that he took some photos of Karins beautiful Christmas decoration as a souvenir for himself.