The Groups of the 60th. Eurowoche: Die Ludwigsteiner (Germany)

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Group Presentation

Die Ludwigsteiner (Germany)

The Ludwigsteiner are the dance and music group of the hosts. The dancers come from various regions of Germany and the Netherlands, which is why they can meet only a few weekends a year to rehurstle. For the 60th anniversary of the Euro Week, The Ludwigsteiner has put together a program with highlights from the last 25 years. The dancers are accompanied by a five-member music group.


On the following dates you can see the German group:

Saturday – 28.07.2018 / 20 Uhr
Opening ceremony with all groups in the marketplace in Witzenhausen

Sunday – 29.07.2018 / 15 Uhr
Event with all groups in Fürstenhagen,

Thursday – 02.08.2018 / 20 Uhr
Public evening event of the German group “Die Ludwigsteiner”

Saturday – 04.08.2018 / 14:30 Uhr
Ceremony for the anniversary week and “Eurokirmes”
Public closing event with the performances of all groups and presentation of results of the working groups