The Groups of the 60th. Eurowoche: Zespól Folklorystyczny KASZUBSKIE NUTY (Koscierzyna, Poland)

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Group Presentation

Zespól Folklorystyczny KASZUBSKIE NUTY

Everything started with a girl’s choir:
In 1987, the Girls’ Choir of Koscierzyna, Poland, participated for the first time in the European Youth Week. The contact intensified and friendships did not stop at the then existing border with the eastern block! In 1991, Koscierzyna again participated in this formation at the Euroweek. Later on, the dancers and musicians of “Kaszubskie Nuty” got involved in the Euro weeks in 2001 and 2006. In addition to mutual private visits among the respective members, the “Ludwigsteiner” followed an invitation to Koscierzyna in 2011. Since then, members of the Polish group have been active in the “Arbeitskreis”, the organisation behind the festival .

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On the following dates you can see the Polish group:

Saturday – 28.07.2018 / 20 Uhr
Opening ceremony with all groups in the marketplace in Witzenhausen

Sunday – 29.07.2018 / 15 Uhr
Event with all groups in Fürstenhagen,

Monday – 30.07.2018 / 20 Uhr
Public evening event of the Polish group “Kaszubskie Nuty”

Saturday – 04.08.2018 / 14:30 Uhr
Ceremony for the anniversary week and “Eurokirmes”
Public closing event with the performances of all groups and presentation of results of the working groups