Press Release

60th Anniversary of European Youth Week at Burg Ludwigstein

60 years friendship, dance and international understanding

From July 28 to August 05, 2018, young people from Belarus, Poland, Scotland, Estonia and Germany will meet at Ludwigstein Castle.

From July 28 to August 5, 2018, the 60th European Youth Week will be held this year at the Ludwigstein Castle. European Youth Week is a unique youth gathering and folklore festival. The aim of the Euro Week was to bring young people from Europe and the world together to get to know each other and their culture. Even today, 60 years later, the festival wants to contribute to the understanding between peoples and cultures and ultimately to peace in the world.

This summer, young people from folklore group “Valachobniki” from Minsk (Belarus), group “Kaszubskie Nuty” from Koscierzyna (Poland), dancers and musicians of the “New Scotland Country Dance Society” of the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and the Folk Loretanzgruppe “Tlü rahvatanstsuansambel Soveldaja” from Tallinn (Estonia) expected. Germany is again represented by the in-house group, the “Ludwigsteinern”. On the occasion of the anniversary week, guests of honor from various dance groups will also be invited to certain events this year, some of which have participated in the Euroworld over 20 years ago.

Every week, about 200 young people come to the Jugendburg Ludwigstein to sing, dance, make music, celebrate and make new friends for a whole week. What connects them is the love of folklore and the desire to get to know something new.

Many lasting friendships across borders have been made at Ludwigstein Castle. Here, the young people experience mutual tolerance and understanding, but also a lot of fun. Social and social topics, dance and music are starting points for an intensive encounter with young people from other countries. Since the first eu-rowoche in 1953, almost 10,000 young people from almost every country in Europe and even some countries outside Europe have taken part in a European Youth Week at Ludwig-stein Castle.

Each group arranges a big evening program on “their” day with music and dance from their homeland. The fact that the folklore dancers are normal young people with modern interests can be seen in the workshops such as Kreativ-AG, choir or orchestra and in the funny “Burgolympiade”. When it comes to music and games, the young people from all over the world mingle, so that after a few days, they feel more in common than differences. This is an active contribution to international understanding and the reduction of prejudice in Europe.

The Youth Exchange is organized by the non-profit association “Arbeitskreis Europäische Jugendwochen auf Burg Ludwigstein e.V.” The European Youth Week is a recognized CIOFF festival.

More information about the program, process and events will be available shortly.